Massage Benefits: Muscles

by Samantha Collins on 13th March 2018

A muscle is a group of specialised, elastic tissue. More of the human body is made of muscle than any other tissue, hence why it is so important to take care of them.

Muscles (like anything) undergo general wear and tear.  Muscles that are used less often can become lazy and muscle strength and stamina, and often flexibility, can decline pretty quickly.  A common benefit of massage is the relief of tight muscles. Tight muscles can be caused by overuse, injury and poor posture. Range of movement is restricted when muscles are tight and an increase in pain can occur. Massage helps to stretch and loosen muscles by encouraging an improvement in blood flow. An improvement in blood flow rises muscle temperature, allowing the stretching and loosening of muscles to occur. A decrease in restriction follows when muscles have been loosened, relieving muscle tightness.

By having regular massage you will be keeping your muscles healthy, improving your flexibility, maintaining relaxation, and will have a better sleep cycle.